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1915 - 2016

Co Founder of Tri-State Dowsers

Adele Cottrell along with Duane Walter were the co-founders of Tri-State Dowsers.  After her husband's death in 1975, at an age when most people retire, Adele opened a health food store at a time when very few people knew anything about nutrition. She was so far ahead of her time.  Not only has the store remained in business all these years, there are now two locations. Adele sought to help people through nutrition and understanding the impact of food on their health. The store soon became a magnet for people to simply bask in the glow of Adele's presence. She knew how to radiate unconditional love by simply being. People left Adele with a smile on their face.  Adele was active in  many groups and instrumental in introducing alternative methods of healing and developing spiritual groups in the community. 

Adele's passing has left a huge void in our community.  Her transition was undoubtedly smooth and peaceful but she will be missed.


Long Time Member of Tri-State Dowsers

John Robert Miller, 93, of Owensboro, KY died May 17, 2016 at Owensboro Health Regional Hospital. He was born July 7, 1922 in Birk City, KY to the late Edward Oscar and Katie Saalwaechter Miller. He served in the Air Force and was a member of the VFW. He had been employed at Las Vegas in a casino. He enjoyed spending time at the Munday Center. He was preceded in death by siblings, Maybelle Mickel, Rena Carter, Lula Gordon, William Miller and James Miller.

Survivors include his great nephew and caretaker, Mike King (Kathie); a son, Larry Miller (Nina) of Jewel City, KY; a grandson, David Miller of Ohio County, KY; a great grandson, Clutch Miller of Ohio County, KY and several nieces and nephews.

Graveside services are 11:00 a.m. (EST) on Monday, May 23, 2016, at Kentucky Veterans Cemetery Central in Radcliff, KY. Visitation is from 1:00-2:00 p.m. on Friday at James H. Davis Funeral Home & Crematory in Owensboro. Memorial contributions may be made to the John R. Miller Memorial Fund, 3009 Frederica St., Owensboro, KY 42301.

The Raymond Tarpey Seminar - June 2015 - Great Success

Raymond Tarpey

The Tri-State Dowsers were for fortunate to be able to bring Raymond Tarpey to the Evansville Area to share his extensive knowledge.  Raymond is a historian and expert on Atlantis, Mu/Lemuria, and Edgar Cayce. He has also served on the A.R.E. Board of Trustees and has written articles for the A.R.E. “Ancient Mysteries” Newsletter.  We had a full house and everyone felt like they earned something new.  Raymond also did Mayan Calendar Readings on Sunday for those who had scheduled appointments.  His readings are different from other readings and everyone was very impressed with their reading.  To schedule a phone reading with Raymond you can contact him through his web site Raymond Tarpey or by phone at  503-544-5622 or 503-998-1760 

We are hoping to have Raymond back soon.


Duane Walter will be leading the TriState Dowsers on a field trip Saturday April 26, 2014.  Anyone wishing to go can meet at the library between 9:00 and 9:30 am and leave from there to go to Duane’s home.  An email with directions will be sent to the members.  Anyone not on the email mailing list that is interested in going can contact me from this site and I will send them directions.  We will be looking for an earthquake fault line, detecting electric energy, then going to Lincoln Park and dowsing for a cabin that the Lincolns started but never finished before they moved to Illinois.  If time permits we may try to find an old water well.  You might want to bring snacks or lunch and something to drink.  Everyone is welcome so bring a friend if you like and maybe we can learn some new dowsing techniques


Thanks to everyone that participated in this years “Silent Auction”, whether donating, buying or both.  This was the second year we have had a silent auction as a fund raiser for the club.  The money helps to pay for our web site, purchase items for our library and take care of other expenses that come up over the year.  This year the auction fell on Halloween.  Not only was it Halloween but it was raining and storms had been predicted for two days.   That didn’t keep our club members away.  Ginny France bought pizzas for the group and other members brought covered dishes so we had plenty to eat.  Everyone enjoyed themselves with the food and conversation.  Connie Weber had put together a slide show from a recent trip she and Nita Ruxer took to Sadona.  The group was able to watch the slide show and discuss the trip with Connie and Nita while the bids were being totaled.  I am very pleased to announce that we made over $250 and had a very pleasant evening, thanks to our wonderful group of dowsers


The TriState Dowsers will be taking a dowsing field trip Saturday June 15, 2013.  We will meet at the Newburgh Central Library and leave there at 10 am.  Bring a sack lunch and a drink.  (Don’t forget your rods and pendulum)


TRISTATE DOWSERS MEMBERS Sharon Dittmar and Ginny France were among the fortunate ones able to attend the RAYMON GRACE WORKSHOP  in Bowling Green, KY.  They both came home with a new perspective and love of dowsing.   We added two new Raymon Grace videos and one of his books to our library.  They agree that if you ever have the opportunity to attend one of Raymon’s workshops you should make it a priority to get there.  They shared some of the things they learned, with the group,  at our last meeting and as usual Raymon is working on new projects and asks that we all join in to work with him on these projects, which include, ending slavery, clean water and FREEDOM! For more information on Raymon and his projects and products visit


Thanks to the Sage and Astrology group’s for a wonderful day at their annual Christmas party.   A beautiful invocation was given by Judy Stenack and everyone enjoyed the mini readings that included Tarot, Astrology, Dream Interpretation, Palms and Chakras.   It was a fun day filled with lots of good food and conversation.  I know everyone present had a great time.


The dowsing community has lost a pioneer in the field.  Walt Woods passed on August 12, 2011.  He will always be remembered for his “ Letter To Robin ”.   It is a must have for all beginning dowsers.  We are thankful for all the knowledge he so freely gave.


GLADYS McCOY - 7-28-2011
at Tri-State Dowsers Meeting
President Tri-State Dowsers

The Tri State Dowsers Club hosted Gladys McCoy at a workshop held July 30, 2011.  She taught how to clear adverse energies from people and places and the group also learned some healing energy work.  The day was a big success and everyone that attended felt good about what they had learned and left with an extremely high energy level.

The TriState Dowsers workshop with Gladys McCoy on July 30, 2011 was very successful!!  Everyone learned and practiced what they were learning and had a great time.  Gladys is a very gracious lady and everyone enjoyed being with her.  Currently there is discussion about having her back next year for a 2 day workshop.  She said she would bring 2 other women with her for a more indepth workshop.  No date or cost was discussed.  Further discussions about this will be posted here as we make decisions.

Duane Walter, one of the founding members of the Tri State Dowsers, led a group on a dowsing field trip October 2, 2010.  The group met at Duane’s home where they first dowsed for a water vein and then Duane moved the vein to the water well.  While still at Duane’s home the flow of current from a transformer was checked by everyone.  Then off to find a fault line.  Everyone got a response to the fault line and a local resident came to join in the discussion.  Next on the agenda was the cemetery, where some of Duane’s family members were buried.  Some unmarked graves were located and Duane explained how to locate the graves and the layout of the actual grave.  We left the cemetery and traveled to Lincoln Park to the cemetery where Abraham Lincoln’s Sister Sarah, who died in childbirth, is buried with her child.  The group determined the sex of Sarah’s child.  Here again we picked up some more interested bystanders.   A family that was at the cemetery was very interested in what we were doing so Duane explained dowsing to them and let the teenage girl try her hand at dowsing.  She then agreed to take the group photo that is posted here.  We then went to find the layout of the Grigsby house.  Last was the mill where Lincoln was kicked in the head by a horse.  We tried to locate the spot where he was when he was kicked.  It was a beautiful day to dowse and just as we were finishing at the mill site it started to rain and ended our day.  All in all it was a very successful day and I think everyone enjoyed our time in the field with Duane.  A big thank you to Duane.