A Letter to Robin is a Mini-Course in pendulum dowsing written by “Walt Woods”.  It was designed as a learning tool for beginners.  It is a free download that can be printed out including charts to aid with your dowsing questions.  This site also are free charts and 4 more books by Walt Woods on this site all free downloads.

American Society of Dowsers   Tri-State Dowsers are one of many chapters of the American Society of Dowsers (ASD).  This link will take you to their site to learn more about the organization.

Charts Lessons & Tips   This site has many free charts plus a chart of the month that can be downloaded and printed or both.  The also have lessons and tips on dowsing.

Discovering Dowsing   This is an excellent site it has tons of free articles, videos and recorded presentations on all aspects of dowsing.

Links to More Dowsing Information   This is a link to an entire page of links to a variety of dowsing information.

Educate Yourself   Educate-Yourself  is a free educational forum dedicated to the dissemination of accurate information in the use of natural, non-pharmaceutical medicines and alternative healing therapies in the treatment of disease conditions.

Ancient Codes , Dowsing, Crop Circles  This site has lots of information on many subjects including dowsing.

Raymon Grace   Well know dowser, speaker and instructor.  This is Raymon’s web site.

Joey Korn Joey’s website with information and products for sale.  Joey is also a well know dowser, speaker and teacher.

Geopathic Stress More information on Geopathic Stress

Distant Healing Manual This is a free download to an amazing book on healing and dowsing.  Charts and lots of explanation of what you are doing.  (It is 99 pages)

Holistic Intuition Society You can spend an afternoon on this page.  Lots of information, links to other sites of interest, books and DVDs for sale.  In general this is a very information web site.

Safe as Houses This is a link to a  free download of David Cowan’s book.  This book is about the most complete book on dowsing I have seen.  Not in print anymore but can be downloaded.

Edgar Cayce Museum This is a link to the Edgar Cayce Museum in Hopkinsville, Kentucky.

Geomantic This site has a lot of informtaion about earth energies, geopathic stress etc.

Healing Crystals All about stones and their meanings and use and buy.